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Women’s Empowerment Fall Retreat November 6-8, 2014


Women’s Empowerment

What does it mean to be “Empowered”?

Self-empowerment in its simplest form means taking charge of your own life, at home, in your work place, with your colleagues, with your subordinates, with your superiors, with your body, with your health.

Empowerment is a multidimensional process to gain control over our own lives. When we come from an empowered state, we are capable of making choices that truly transform our lives and result in the outcomes we are seeking.

Changing aspects of your health and transforming from within with enhanced intuition will let you discover your personal strengths and abilities going forward. Attending this retreat could very well be your first step in your empowerment process.

The 4th Annual Fall Mountain Wellness Retreat

Held at the beautiful Lifebridge Sanctuary in the Catskill Mountains. In the past we have had themes such as energy, stress-reduction and our most popular – gratitude, at last Fall’s Retreat. But this year, we have joined together with a variety of fabulous speakers and workshops to offer you an entire weekend based on EMPOWERMENT!

Friday, November 7—Sunday, November 9, 2014

Many women have gathered here to take a break from hectic work and family life, to become inspired, to laugh and share with friends, as well as, enhance their life long health.

Won’t you join us?

Meet Karin Yapalater, CHHC

Workshop: Empowering the Empress

  • Do you want to feel more calm, confident and empowered as a woman, a parent and\or professional?
  • Do you need assistance to cultivate the courage, and the focus to become more organized and self-reliant?
  • Do you want to discover how to formulate a specific course of action that will change your life?

Of course you do!


Karin’s workshop, Empowering the Empress will focus on the top 6 things every woman needs to know in order to live life with joy, abundance and ease.

All About Karin…

  • Karin is a bestselling author, speaker, and Board Certified Integrative Health Counselor dedicated to empowering women to become strong, confident and healthy people, parents and leaders—emotionally, physically and spiritually.
  • Karin is the founder of Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners in New York City ( and has served hundreds of clients in the United States and around the world. She received her certification from Teachers College at Columbia University and The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, and holds Bachelor and Masters degrees from NYU and Columbia University.
  • In addition to being a Board Certified Integrative Health Counselor and Strategic Interventionist, Karin is also a Master Vedic  teacher and will be offering private sessions at the retreat.

“Karin’s energy draws you toward her like a magnet. She is warm, personable and so open you immediately feel at home. Her intuitiveness will astound you and her knowledge of our bodies, our minds and our souls will open up a whole new door for you that you never even knew existed. I highly encourage you to have a session with her, your life will never be the same!” —Alyson

NOTE: A limited number of private sessions will be available at the Retreat. Karin’s sessions are greatly discounted for this group.  These spaces fill up fast. Sign up now with your registration.

This Year Your Retreat Includes:

  • 6 Inspirational workshops
  • 2 nights in lovely, cozy accommodations
  • 5 nutritionally empowering, whole food meals which you will help prepare in a fabulous, spacious kitchen with the guidance of Health Coaches
  • Yoga, Breathing and Meditation
  • Outdoor Hiking
  • Explore a Labyrinth and scenic sanctuary trails
  • Massage, Reiki and Tarot session for extra fee.
  • Laugh, share, restore your energy, empower your future.

For more details, and to register, email Karin:

Karin Yapalater MFA, CHHC, AADP
Board Certified Individual & Family Health & Nutrition Counselor
Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners
715 Park Avenue • New York, NY 10021
Phone: 212-737-1818
Email Karin

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