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What to do when family health crisis strikes

Be prepared so goes the motto. But how to prepare for the unexpected when a family member is hurt or becomes seriously ill?

A crisis of any kind generally occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. How we respond and communicate in moments of stress can make all the difference to our own well being as well as to the well being of a family member in crisis. It is challenging to remain calm when faced with uncertainty and fear. In our attempts to fix and rescue we often rush in emotionally and try to take control. At times of crisis, we may be called upon to act quickly, mentally and physically. Training the mind and body to remain centered and grounded can sure come in handy at such times. Learning and teaching our children emotional and physical awareness—how to manage and cope with stress—is the best preventative healthcare. Think of the way basic emergency teams function—fire, police, health care workers. Focus and calm provide a firm foundation for their ability to act quickly, and provide the appropriate help and support. Detaching from strong emotions with love takes practice. Take the time, when you have the luxury of time—before crisis strikes—to learn more about emotional awareness and emotional fitness.

Be sure your family’s first aid kit includes these instructions: Stop, breathe, focus, proceed.

  • Stop: take a moment to access the situation and identify the problem
  • Breathe: give yourself the clarity and energy to do whatever is required
  • Focus: access, evaluate, collect information
  • Proceed: move ahead with clarity

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