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Teaching & Healing the Whole Family

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Stressed? Anxious? Stuck? Looking for a unique and meaningful experience to help you consciously connect with your family or child? Nature based Equine & Animal Assisted Private Sessions & Group Wellness Workshops : We connect two and four legged creatures together in a mindful way and swiftly turn a person – and a family’s – life around.

  • Quickly solve real life problems
  • Become confident and secure
  • Awaken your truest self

We all encounter challenging situations from time to time.  What’s the most effective way to cope with stress – at home, school or work?  Pediatrician Dr. Greg Yapalater and Board Certified Family Health Counselor Karin Yapalater, leading health practitioners and natural horseman with over 25 years of experience, have discovered that there is much to learn from self investigation and the study of human and animal behavior. 

Each individual or group session is based upon the SOCS PTA© curriculum, developed over the past 25 years by acclaimed Board Certified Integrative Health Counselor Karin Yapalater and Pediatrician Dr. Greg Yapalater – highly skilled family health practitioners and renowned human and horse whisperers.  

“I learned more in one hour working with Karin and the horses than in years of talk therapy. This work goes beyond words, and is different than traditional talk therapy….  a deep meaningful, long lasting healing where you will move on into a better future and develop skills to create a deeper sense of connection.” 

For more information and to schedule a session with Karin: | 917-353-8854

What to expect in a SESSION:  Dr. Greg & Karin Yapalater work closely with each individual member of a family and the family as a whole to create emotional, physical and spiritual healing.  The farms and schools where The Yapalaters offer and build their proprietary SOCS/PTA© Equine and Animal coaching and whispering programs are a kind of a sanctuary with beautiful surroundings that contribute deeply to the experience.

SOCS, the beloved namesake of The Yapalaters School of Contemplative Studies, is one of the quarter horses trained by The Yapalaters.  SOCS along with other animals help children, families, young adults, and adults overcome stress, fears, and obstacles in a safe, and non -judgmental environment:

Children | Adults | Families:
* Family relationship dynamics
*Children Living in two homes
* Sensory Integration
*Social Emotional Leanring
*Life & Problem solving skills
*Self-understanding & Emotional/self regulation
*Self esteem & self confidence
*Stress management
*Effective communication: verbal and non-verbal
*Mindfulness: how to identify & express feelings & needs
*Kinship with all life: lessons in the nature of horses & farm animals that can be related to real life!
* How to improve relationships at home and work
*Nutrition, self-care & self-responsibility​​

*Social Emotional Learning:  ​
Sensory, emotional, social and cognitive challenges
*Family relationship dynamics: end power struggles!
*Life & Problem solving skills
*Effective communication: verbal and non-verbal

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