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SOS: Save Our Stressed Out Students

As another school year comes to a close are parents and children across the country taking a moment to catch their breath …or the next wave?  

Q:  Why teach children and adults about emotional awareness and emotional regulation?

A: Learning about how we feel and how we can express those feelings teaches us how to become self-responsible individuals who can self-advocate.

It has been scientifically proven that resiliency is related to brain development and the ability to regulate strong emotions, such as fear, frustration and anger.  Some children are innately capable of achieving emotional and\or academic focus and resiliency and self control at an early age, while others struggle to navigate life’s challenges.  Without the right tools and problem solving skills, each day can become a battle to surmount a myriad of obstacles and expectations.

Increased self awareness – understanding what emotions are, and how these emotions affect behavior and performance – has been proven to greatly benefit children – and adults – of all ages.  True resiliency – withstanding the test of life’s challenges – is dependent upon the ability to self reflect and self regulate.  To encourage a sustainable shift in cognitive as well as behavior modification the groundwork for emotional as well as physical self awareness must first be firmly established.

Neuroplasticity – which refers to changes in neural pathways and synapses due to changes in behavior, environment, neural processes, thinking, and emotions – as well as to changes resulting from bodily injury.  The brain, once thought to become static after reaching a certain age, is now known to be quite the contrary.  Goal directed thinking, acknowledging that the way one is thinking can cause one to feel either good or bad – is one way of creating new neural pathways.

Essentially, it works like this:  our thoughts can greatly affect the way we feel – emotionally and physically.  If we can harness the ability to self reflect, we can more effectively then understand who we are and what we need.  Then, we can self responsibly self fulfill, or communicate with others to express our real needs.

By learning how to identify and govern emotions, instead of allowing emotions to hold the reins, children and adults can become the captains of their ship.  No longer disordered, or paralyzed by fear, anger, stress or depression, a new way of thinking – one that puts a child or adult more in control of themselves – can begin to take hold.

  • Would you, or someone you know benefit from learning more about emotional awareness and how to self-advocate?
  • Are you, or someone you know, struggling each day because you feel you are walking on eggshells in order to get through the day and\or get along with those around you?
  • Does home, school or the office feel more like a war zone than a supportive safe haven?

Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners are expert child, young adult, and adult advocates.  We  have taught a wide and diverse range of people of every age  – in a systematic, strategic and empathetic way – how to better understand themselves and others in order to best navigate life challenges, manage stress, anxiety and\or feelings of frustration and hopelessness.  With strategic interventions, we help to heal individuals and whole families holistically, and in so doing, redirect negative thinking into positive action.

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