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School of Contemplative Studies
The school that travels within™

“SOCS® teaches self knowledge, self care and human values creating a more peaceful society, and balanced, respectful relationships at home, school and work.”

Present Tense Awareness and SOCS Programs (PTA)© create breakthrough “A-Ha” moments that positively transform lives and cultivate kinship with all living things. PTA© provides children and adults of all ages and backgrounds tremendous success for coping with anxiety and stress as well as cognitive, social, emotional, and sensory related concerns. PTA© Equine & Animal Assisted Learning & Life Counseling skillfully uses the human-animal relationship to develop mindfulness, self- awareness, problem solving life skills and kinship. PTA©programs have been developed to address a wide variety of participant needs. No riding experience is necessary.

Equine & Animal Assisted Learning Clinics
with Board Certified Integrative Health Counselor Karin Yapalater, CHC, AADP

Come as you are… Discover the person you are truly meant to be.

​One session with Karin and the horses can turn your life around. This work goes beyond words, and is different than traditional talk therapy—to a place of inner authenticity, pure intention and pure energy. You have to experience this yourself. Amazing! —Katerina S.

Karin and the horses have been a lifeline for our family. 5 stars are not enough stars. There are no words to describe the power of the work Karin does with her gentle herd! Karin speaks a universal language and that language is based upon kindness, kinship and love. —The Santos Family

The farm is a kind of sanctuary.  Welcomed by a donkey and the cutest sheep it was instant magic and I felt safe. I came with so many questions about my life.  Karin and the horses gave me the clarity —and the answers— I was needing. —Kathleen B.

​Equine therapy has long been a source of treatment for cognitive and emotional disorders. Karin takes Equine Assisted Learning to a whole other level—providing a unique way for people of all ages and backgrounds to gain greater self awareness and experience personal growth.

​A horse can help anyone suffering from PTSD find peace. It can teach a power-hungry Wall Street executive how to relax. It can nudge a middle-aged woman who curls up each night with a TV and a few forgotten dreams into opening her heart and finding love again. —Wyatt Webb, Miraval AZ

The horses, such powerful animals, yet so sensitive, work as an energetic mirror—instinctively reading body language and revealing one’s truest emotions and needs. ​In addition, studies show that client’s blood pressure and heart rate are lowered, stress is alleviated.

​Karin’s equine clinics are an incredible way for couples, families and friends to spend quality time together while learning about and connecting authentically to them selves and one another. —Markus

Working with Karin and the horses, I learned more in 1 hour about myself and what was keeping me stuck in my life and in my relationships than I have learned in years of talk therapy! —Stacey​

After college I felt lost… and Karin and the horses managed, in one quick session, to highlight some very deep issues I hadn’t even realized I had buried. It was a magical a-ha moment that immediately helped me in my life in a very positive way. —Isabelle

Karin Yapalater is the Founder & Director of Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners and The Present Tense Awareness School of Contemplative Studies (SOCS) based in NYC and Sagaponack, New York. Karin is A well-respected holistic health counselor, individual & family coach and equine specialist, Karin advocates for kindness, kinship and respect for all living things. For additional information about Karin’s work, visit:

Stressed? Anxious? Stuck?

​Attend a SOCStm Equine Whispering & Learning Clinic with Karin on the farm and learn how to:

  • Overcome fears and limiting beliefs
  • Quickly solve real life problems
  • Become confident and secure
  • Awaken your truest self

Each individual or group session is based upon the PTA© curriculum, developed over the past 25 years by Board Certified Integrative Health Counselor Karin Yapalater and Dr. Greg Yapalater—highly skilled family health practitioners and renowned human and horse whisperers.

Equine Whispering & Learning
Private Sessions & Group Clinics 2018

Private sessions all year round: arranged independently

Group Clinics: April 15-November 15 (winter sessions may also be arranged).

Private sessions include:

  • 60 minute pre session evaluation—by phone, at your home, or Karin’s office
  • One hour session with Karin & the horses on the farm
  • 30–90 minute follow up consultation with Karin
  • 3–hour Group clinic includes:
  • Pre-clinic evaluation (occurs before clinic)
  • Introduction to SOCS
  • Equine workshop with horses
  • Time for Self-reflection
  • Group counseling
  • 1–hour private follow up counseling session​ with Karin (after clinic, by phone or in person)

Private Sessions: contact Karin for information and all pricing.

3 hour Group Clinics: $775/person

Please inquire about financial assistance if needed.

With one stay on the farm: $975 (starting price) all inclusive private session or group clinic w one night stay at the farm

  • The Blue Room (Dbl bed)
  • The Red Room (Q bed)
  • The Green Room (K bed)

* A limited number of partial scholarships available. Please inquire about financial assistance if needed.

Add ons: yoga, massage, private chef, and more…

The Farm is located at the easter end of Long Island in Sagaponack, NY. The 5 acre farm setting is magical—a sustainable farm, home to many furry animals, a koi pond, organic gardens and an apple orchard. The main farm house is of Swedish design, a Carl Larsson country style home. Organic eggs and produce from the organic gardens are often offered in the country kitchen.

The School Of Contemplative Studies
The school that travels within.

SOCS® is a mobile school that helps children and adults improve health and wellbeing and develop social emotional skills.  SOCS® develops individualized learning programs for families to use at home, for educators to use in schools and for corporations to use within the work place. SOCS/PTA provides children and adults of all ages and backgrounds tremendous success for coping with anxiety and stress as well as cognitive, social, emotional, and sensory related concerns. SOCS® Programs utilize The Present Tense Awareness (PTA)© Curriculum to create breakthrough A-ha moments that positively transform lives and cultivate kinship with all living things. Participants engage in entrepreneurial, interactive, and experiential enhancement learning exercises and programs, with and without horses\farm animals, that teach and explore four life affirming perspectives:

  • independence & interdependence
  • conscious verbal & non-verbal communication
  • holistic health & mitigating individual, community and global harm
  • how animal behavior relates and connects to human behavior, with specific emphasis on improving physical, emotional and spiritual awareness, health and well-being. * PTA Teacher & Leadership trainings also available

To learn more, please contact us and we will get back to you promptly.

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Karin Yapalater MFA, CHHC, AADP
Board Certified Individual & Family Health & Nutrition Counselor
Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners
715 Park Avenue • New York, NY 10021
Phone: 212-737-1818
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