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Educational Consulting

High School & College Prep & Organizational Services

If your child is stressed and struggling in school, or feeling unhappy socially or academically – we are here to help you!

Comprehensive Holistic Evaluation: each student is an individual deserving of a uniquely customized and holistic evaluation to determine how they can achieve optimal success. Our Board Certified physicians and Integrative Health Counselor meets with your child as well as all other members of the family and school community to comprehensively access the best strategy for effective and joyful learning and growth.

Open and Ongoing Dialogue: a family is a universe in miniature! We specialize in teaching effective communication skills and improving family relationships.

F-I-T: feelings, intuition, trust. We build upon your child’s strengths and strengthen your child’s weaknesses. We work from the inside out to understand who your child is. We work holistically to insure that your child feels good inside their own skin. We work with you to determine the best fit for your child – and give you the tools to advocate at your child’s current school. We also help you to find the right fit with future schools.

Health & Nutrition Counseling: food is medicine. We teach your child what nourishes mind, body and spirit. No more fighting at home over eating healthy food!

Academic Coaching: we roll up our sleeves and help the whole child, from a-z.

Consulting and Editorial Assistance: with applications, interviews, essays, and all other aspects of admissions.

We specialize in helping children with Executive Functioning concerns.
One consultation can change your child’s life.

Schedule a complimentary consultation with today to determine if our office is the best fit for you.

Karin Yapalater MFA, CHHC, AADP
Board Certified Individual & Family Health & Nutrition Counselor
Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners
715 Park Avenue • New York, NY 10021
Phone: 212-737-1818
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