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Real Food for Real Families: Keeping it clean

Food and mood are so closely connected.  As adults, if we pay attention, we can experience the affects of our food choices all day.  If we awaken to coffee and toast we are effectively adding acid and processed sugars to an empty plate.  Having fasted for 6-8 hours while asleep, our bodies need hydration and a boost from food rich in protein, healthy fats and carbs and vitamins to get off to a good start.  Our children, with their brains and their bodies still developing, critically require high octane fuel to build those strong bones as well as to keep metabolism and mood stable.

It no doubt may take some effort to change the less than ideal food habits your family has fallen into. One meal at a time, consider the choices you are making.  Planning a menu, daily at first, can greatly assist with good eating.  Bringing the menu to your local farmer’s market or organic grocery store will also save you money.  Keeping to the ingredients on the recipe lists will help you to avoid overbuying and overspending.

Working with an Integrative Health Coach means working on your whole self – solving all the problems that life presents – emotional, physical and spiritual.  Nourishment is about more than food – it involves nourishing, replenishing and caring for each and every aspect of your life, and the lives of each member of the family – whether that family is your own, or symbolically the larger global family.

Ask your self today:  what one thing can I do for myself that will make me feel good and nourished in a healthy way?  Drinking one glass of  water when you wake up, rather than downing 8 ounces of coffee for example, is a simple experiment to try.  Offering your children a bowl of berries, organic eggs and\or a protein packed smoothie to start their day rather than highly sugared cereals, muffins or bagels is another.  Taking 5 minutes each morning to breathe and express gratitude for all you have rather than making a mental list of all that you don’t or all that is stressful and overwhelming is the daily prescription.

Loving your self and love your kids.  Starting from this place, the day already begins with connection, physical well-being, peace and meaning.

Here is the list I consistently refer to when shopping for even the best of foods:  Enjoy!

Dirty Dozen (high in pesticides)
sweet bell peppers
cherry tomatoes
imported snap peas
Clean 15  (least amount of pesticides)
sweet corn
frozen sweet peas
sweet potatoes


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