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Present Tense Awareness © Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) FAQ’s:

Present Tense Awareness © Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)  FAQ’s:

“What is PTA\ EAL & Horse Whispering?”  PTA© Natural Horsemanship & EAL was developed by a renowned pediatrician, and a Board Certified Family Health Counselor & Equine Specialist, with over 30 years of experience working with horses and children.  The PTA© horse whispering program provides children and adults with a safe, non-judgmental space for self-discovery, in which they learn about themselves through the art of kinship, unity and respect for horses.  PTA© teaches people how to do this with humans, too.

 “My child is well behaved most of the time but can explode for no reason.  How will this help?” Every kind of behavior is a reaction or response to something.  By becoming aware of and understanding horses, children and adults can also become better aware of their own feelings and needs and learn how to express themselves appropriately.  PTA teaches that self-responsibility – understanding and changing the things we each can about our selves, has a positive ripple effect on all living things around us.

“What if I have no -or tons of- horse experience?”  PTA starts from the ground up.  PTA focuses on safety, human as well as equine, on the ground and in the saddle.  PTA addresses overcoming obstacles and helps both novice and competitive, experienced riders raise the bar safely and confidently. All humans can benefit from learning what it means to be safe, empathetic and self-aware.

“My child doesn’t have any problems. What can my child gain from PTA or an Equine\Animal Assisted Learning (EAL\AAT) program?”
 All lives – young and old – are works in progress.  Self-understanding and emotional intelligence is not taught in school.  Discovering a new passion, strength or talent provides space for internal growth and learning.  PTA connects creativity and experience in order to strengthen inner intelligence, resilience and motivation.

 “We have tried everything.  Nothing works!  Does Present Tense Awareness© (PTA) teach my child to respect me? ”When children are confident that their needs will be taken into consideration, they become more respectful.  PTA teaches how to end power struggles. Lessons teach connection, empathy & collaboration with all living things. Parent involvement in sessions is a game changer and is welcome and encouraged.

“How can PTA help me to better parent my child?”  PTA is all about teaching life and problem skills.  Most specifically: conscious communication – verbal and non-verbal.  These tools and skills provide the foundation for improving parenting and virtually any life experience.

“Can PTA solve all my problems with my family?”  Relationships are the school of life.  And families are universes in miniature.  PTA provides problems solving tools and life skills that can be utilized in any situation by everyone.   Once PTA skills and tools are learned – you and your child have an effective problem solving tool kit for life to share.  “PTA prepares your family for any experience!”

© 2008 Karin Yapalater.  Present Tense Awareness/PTA all rights reserved.

Want to learn to overcome obstacles, navigate challenges and end power struggles?

PTA Equine Assisted Learning Sessions are available for children ages 5 and up, and adults of all ages.  Corporate Leadership Training EAL clinics and health & wellness retreats can also be arranged.  No prior equine experience necessary Sessions are held at The Green School in Sagaponack.  For more information, please contact:

Karin Yapalater:  email:

© 2008 Karin Yapalater.  Present Tense Awareness/PTA all rights reserved.

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