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Present Tense Awareness©: Equine & Animal Assisted Learning that improves Human Behavior

Present Tense Awareness© (PTA) takes a holistic and integrative approach to teaching, using observational and experiential awareness, breath, conscious communication, understanding and psychology instead of force, fear, intimidation or invasive means to encourage growth and learning.

PTA provides a collaborative way of communicating and connecting with all living things.  PTA is embodied within a philosophy of awareness, empathy and respect in every interaction, from the most fundamental to the most sophisticated.  PTA Equine & Animal Assisted Learning applies this collaborative philosophy of universal responsibility, whether on the ground, or in the saddle.

PTA is an educational program developed by Board Certified Health Counselor Karin Yapalater and renowned pediatrician Dr. Greg Yapalater that includes life lessons and problem solving skills for everyone and anyone – young and old, beginners and masters in any field and endeavor – looking to engage in a functional rather than dysfunctional relationship with them selves, others and the world.

PTA can be applied to any and all fields of study and exploration.  PTA is a comprehensive and extensive learning system that takes people of all ages through step-by-step skills and concepts that are required in order to become more balanced, responsible, empathetic and conscious human citizens.  PTA acknowledges and is humbled by the ordinary and extraordinary within nature that best illustrates the basic needs of all living things – and realizes and celebrates the complex and varied nature of bio-individuality.  PTA seeks to awaken a higher level of sensitivity to the universal strengths as well as weaknesses that connect all living things – verbal and non-verbal – to create a deeper sense of unity and interdependence within the small intimate family and beyond to the global community.

PTA is used to improve communication, motivation, resilience, harmony and productivity at home, in schools, and business environments.

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