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Point one finger

We all have a favorite saying. I hear myself repeat this one a lot: Point one finger at someone else and the other four are pointing back at you. In the blame shame game who wins?

I’ve been hearing a lot of people say that they want to bring more peace and love into the world. Imagine how light we could all travel if we dropped judgment, assumptions, and nasty accusations.

Tune the radio to something slow. Generosity of spirit is on the menu. Might be worth a try. This has nothing to do with material generosity. This is about generosity of attention. The art of heavy listening. Kind of like heavy lifting but the physical effort required involves paying attention. It’s a well-known magic trick. Pay attention and what you find is that all anyone really wants is unconditional love and acceptance. The combo lightens any load.

The pointer finger does have one good use though. After pointing it at ourselves, we can point it straight up for an enlightening experience… Eureka!

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