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Parenting is a career

Parenting is a career, one with a very long list of job responsibilities. Here is a list of beneficial qualifications if you choose to accept the job: Mastery of moods, self awareness, emotional intelligence, physical stamina, along with an advanced degree and mastery in patience, tolerance, generosity, discipline, joyful effort, wisdom and non-judgement to name a few. How are your own problem-solving skills? Do you ever find yourself handling strong emotions such as frustration or anger in a way that is ineffective? Each day, we unknowingly provide our children with the scripts they use to live their lives. How do you express your self emotionally and physically when you feel unhappy or frustrated? When children act out it can be useful to ask yourself how you handle, as well as how you teach your children to handle, and take responsibility for their own feelings and behaviors.

“If home feels more like a war zone than a safe haven Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners can help. A one stop team of professional practitioners & problem solvers. Sensitive, supportive and brilliant experts and advocates!” – Michael I.

  • Is your child suffering with anxiety, impulsivity, or an attention deficit disorder?
  • Have you been told that your child needs to go on medication in order to focus and behave appropriately at home or school?
  • Has your child’s school recommended that your child have a variety of evaluations such as speech, occupational, or psycho-educational?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and want an alternative to subjecting your child to costly tests and/or powerful medications?
  • Would you prefer to take a non-medicating approach to handling your child’s difficult emotional and medical needs at home or school?

If your child is struggling emotionally/academically at home or school, Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners can help.

We get you and your child on the right track fast!

Our integrative team consists of Board Certified Pediatricians, Mental Health Counselors, and Licensed Speech and Occupational therapists who provide a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach.

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