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Parenting coach makes house calls in NYC & Hamptons

Karin Yapalater is a Board Certified Health Counselor and Parenting Coach who serves many local Hamptons and Manhattan families.  A decade ago, she began making house calls year round, in addition to her office based sessions, to uniquely and effectively help families continue the good work of teaching life skills, effective communication,  and problem solving at home.  She works collaboratively with an integrative medical community and most closely with her husband,  renowned pediatrician, Dr. Greg Yapalater.

Her name and contact information quickly got around, and soon, she was inundated with calls and requests for her house call services. Parents call her the “kid whisperer”, and a “lifeline”.  Perhaps this is because initially, the deep connection she forges with their children – many who have been diagnosed with behavioral or learning disorders – has more to do with the sixth sense of intuition than it does with spoken words.   “Karin is like a cross between Dr. Oz and Super Nanny!” says Danny*, a 10 year old client, whose “life was changed for the better thanks to his communication and life skills work with Karin,” his mom adds.   Diagnosed as suffering from ODD and ADHD, Danny’s parents opted for a series of sessions with Karin rather than putting him on medication.  “Karin is an extraordinary problem solver,” says Danny’s mom, “her holistic behavioral interventions are priceless.  How can you put a value on the emotional rescue of a family and a child?”

Equine Assisted Learning and Animal Assisted Therapy

Karin is also an Equine Learning Specialist and uses her herd of quarter horses and carefully selected and screened farm animals to help families learn how to live more harmoniously together.  In the horse-whispering world, her seemingly miraculous technique of improving a challenging child’s behavior is known as “soft feel” – a combination of somatic and emotional tuning in. It’s a phenomenon all living things have access to, because it’s biological.

In Karin’s mind, healing a family  – emotionally, physically and spiritually – has to do with integrating the art and science of presence, grounding, as well as the medical and holistic balance of the mind, body and spirit.  This means taking the whole family into consideration – each individual is evaluated comprehensively – all aspects of physical and emotional nourishment.  Karin works closely with leading physicians on all of her cases to insure an integrative approach.  This unique and thorough model for healing is based upon a scientific and researched process that is crucial to survival, and one that requires parental involvement.  She is constantly proving one hypothesis: If we are present and accounted for, then we can better serve and help others, including the most precious population — children — to become more present and accounted for.

Most often, families consult with Karin when their children are in crisis at home or school. Common concerns run the gamut: not sleeping, not listening, hitting, distracted and\or not paying attention, defiance, shyness, fearfulness, aggression, imbalances with health and nutrition.

Awaken One, Benefit All:

Karin has found that when one member of a family is open to the idea of taking self-inventory the journey of self-awareness and self-responsibility can begin.   “Empathy,” she says, “and the invisible act of kindness, can then pass through them most easily to others, and especially to their children. When even one member of a family is playing the blame\shame game with them self or another, it can be hard for the real work of awakening and transformation to take place.”  Karin teaches children and adults how to become responsive rather than reactive.  And the effects are astounding.

Clients say that her unofficial title is “Problem Solver.”   “Karin is a force of nature – she identifies the cause of all sorts of seemingly disconnected problems, and then she connects the dots.”

Once the causes of a families problems are identified she works with each member of the family to find holistic solutions.  Clients of all ages benefit from her empathetic and strategic approach.  “All living things tend to behave adversely when their basic needs are not being met,” Karin notes. “Conversely, when a living things basic needs are being met, individual behavior changes, which can affect not only the wellbeing of the one individual, but the entire global family.”

House calls offer an incredibly effective, private and individualized approach 

If parents want a way to see and address what’s really going on within a family’s dynamic private house calls are the answer.  Based upon how busy Karin is these days, families want and need a non medicating approach to solving their children’s behavioral problems.  Helping a family to achieve harmony, health and wellbeing is Karin’s a top priority.  Non judgement and strict confidentiality are Karin’s paramount policy.  She works with some of the most celebrated families in cities around the world, as well as within impoverished communities that are far less privileged.

“We wanted peace & harmony — and were desperate to end the battles and power struggles. Karin is a god-send!” echo parents across the board.   “And where better to let your kids act out than in the privacy of their own home!”

* names have been changed to protect client confidentiality

Karin Yapalater MFA, CHHC, AADP
Board Certified Individual & Family Health & Nutrition Counselor
Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners
715 Park Avenue • New York, NY 10021
Phone: 212-737-1818
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