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Panic and anxiety: keys to management

Feelings of panic can come on unexpectedly or at random – no matter how young or old we are. Our emotions – both positive and negative—can be easily triggered by people, places and things. We have all experienced the uneasy feelings of uncertainty. Often when we feel this way, our brain sets a plan of action in motion. Questions arise and our bodies are asked to respond: Fight? Take flight? Freeze?

Containing the space for these negative feelings can be challenging. Often, we want to race in and change or fix what doesn’t feel just right. Sometimes however the quick fixes don’t work out. Especially when these quick fixes involve reaching out to people, places and things that aren’t real remedies in the long run.

Rather than trying to change or fix each uncomfortable moment of our lives we can learn from these important messengers. What is it that perplexing feeling is trying to tell you? Might it be that something deeper within you wants and needs attention? Being honest with ourselves when we need help can actually counter act feelings of panic, anxiety and a lack of confidence.

Bringing about positive changes within ourselves requires motivation, discipline and willpower. Developing these qualities can be challenging. What’s the first step: identifying the true problem. What is it that’s not working? What is it that really needs to change?

The first step is self awareness. For example, if you decide you want to stop smoking or drinking, the first step would be to develop awareness. First, you will need to acknowledge that these behaviors are harmful to you. This initial awareness can then lead to a desire to take a positive action. This desire can then lead to motivation to change.

And yet, motivation alone is still not enough. Real change takes real effort. Effort however need not be laborious and anxiety provoking. With support changes can actually be made with more ease. No matter what behavior you are seeking to change, enthusiasm to make this change is required.

Need help? Don’t put off your own or your family’s good health and happiness.

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