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Overcoming obstacles

Ready to challenge core beliefs about the way you are living your life?

Evidence based science has proven that the brain has plasticity. This makes it undeniably possible for new neural networks to form, creating infinite possibilities for experiencing and expressing consciousness. To some, consciousness is a phenomenon, beyond the brain or the body. And yet, as humans, we have been given the gift of expressing this consciousness, through the actions of our mind and body.

What is it that limits your growth? Why limit the potential you have? Why gravitate towards limiting negative beliefs about yourself and others? Why act in the same repetitive way when limitless possibilities are available?

Limitation and negative thinking brings suffering. Out of habit, we hide in the dark. Plug in a new destination. Travel down a different path.

Consider restarting the computer known as your brain. Clear out the junk mail. Refresh the hard drive.

There are infinite possibilities. Just for one day consider taking a turn off of what your brain considers the best route of thinking about things, especiallythe voice that tells you you aren’t ready to change or let go.

Move towards self-awareness. Whole health. Balance.

Sit in silence awhile. Let all the chatter settle down. Allow the mind and body to become restfully alert. Observe who it is that is limiting you. The seer within you will begin to see. The only one limiting you – is you.

I invite you to dust off those old core beliefs. Rewire the old conditioning. Go beyond false assumptions. Challenge fears. Unmask repression.

Live your absolute truth.

Allow yourself … to be yourself.

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