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Mindfulness…it only takes a moment

Give yourself a mindful moment… give yourself the world

Daily Prescription: Mindful Meditative Practice.

Why bother?

  • cultivate kindness toward ourselves and the rest of the world
  • enhance mental and physical agility
  • better sleep, digestion, physical and sexual function
  • cultivate tranquility, joy, and resilience in daily life
  • awareness of our mind, body, and spirit
  • awareness of reality
  • acceptance of differences between ourselves and others

I hear you already… “I can’t remember to do it every day. I don’t have time. I’m too busy. I’m overwhelmed. The more I try to settle down the more I speed up.”

This is why you need to do it!

Ultimately, mindfulness will permeate all you do, with eyes wide open. Gotta start somewhere… and for centuries the practice has begun ‘with eyes closed’.

Here’s the trick: stop trying so hard. Let the mind run wild! For five minutes sit back and listen to what it has to say. Meet yourself right where you are. Acknowledge your thoughts, pay attention, listen. What are you in fear of? What do you want? Why can’t you slow down? The answers are in there.

Everyone is the same: our mind wanders, and often has negative emotions. Ironically, this is why we really need to meditate and why meditation can help us in our daily lives to cultivate tranquility, joy, and resilience.

Allow the mind and body to settle down. This can take a while. First, pay attention to all the messages your mind and body are sending.

Welcome thoughts. Thoughts are messengers- they have something to tell you. Listen. Acknowledge. Contemplate.

Choose one of your senses, use it to get present.

Smell what you smell, hear what you hear, feel what you feel, taste what you taste, touch what you touch.

Become aware of what’s going on, settle into your body, allow your mind to rest. Tune in to your self. Set your intention on whatever you want to manifest. Focus… breathe… and then proceed.

Give yourself a mindful moment today… give yourself a whole new world.

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