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Conscious Parent Coaching: Home and Farm based sessions in NYC & the Hamptons

Would you prefer to take a non-medicating approach to handling your own and\or your child’s health & wellbeing? Are you or your child struggling with the negative challenges of stress or anxiety? PAIH provides individual and family healthcare and counseling based upon the highest of human values. We strive to empower adults and children to advocate for them selves so that they may live free from the negative effects of stress and anxiety and emerge healthier in body, mind and spirit — as well as more conscious and responsible.

Is your child struggling due to oppositional or defiant behavior at home or school?
Have you been told that your child needs to go on medication in order to focus and behave appropriately at home or school?
Has your child’s school recommended that your child have a variety of evaluations such as speech, occupational, or psycho-educational?
Do you feel overwhelmed and want an alternative to long term therapies, and\or subjecting your child to costly tests and\or powerful medications?

The Work We Do

We help every member of the family. Stress and trauma come in many forms and guises. Emotional stress and many forms of abuse or trauma leave invisible scars. The deepest wounds we carry can cause life-long problems that affect our health & well-being in the form of mental and physical illness. Stress and anxiety are often caused by life’s most casual and insidious abuses – i.e. emotional neglect or abandonment, harsh judgment or criticisms from others. These invisible scars can cut as deeply as severe physical wounds and are often even harder to recognize and therefore rehabilitate.

Awaken One, Benefit All recognizes that empathy, consciousness and sensitivity can help every member of the family to develop improved self-awareness, self-responsibility and self-regulation. AOBA is an individual and family based health coaching and counseling program that awakens each member of the family by enhancing one’s ability to deeply connect, engage and nurture – one self and others. AOBA and The Present Tense Curriculum© support the healthy functioning of body, mind and spirit, which results in improved relationships – in one’s immediate family as well as beyond the small family.

Our Principles

Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners are committed to, and embody, the philosophy and practice of integrative medicine and healthcare, a holistic approach to living that takes into account the emotional and physical health of the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. We are dedicated to cultivating a collaborative relationship with you and your family, one that through a process of awareness improves and sustains your optimal emotional, physical and spiritual health & well–being.

Consultations address a person’s personal and professional concerns from a physical, emotional and spiritual perspective. Integrating the theoretical frameworks of modern and natural science each session focuses on who you are inside and out.

A comprehensive health history is completed and evaluated by a physician and certified life, health and nutrition counselor. Based upon a comprehensive assessment, a personalized integrative program is developed that balances the entire circle of life. This program includes counseling for personal and professional experiential learning, healing and growth. Individualized programs are aimed at increasing an individual’s self awareness, laying the groundwork for effective communication with self and others, reducing stress, teaching cognitive and behavioral coping strategies, improving nutrition and optimizing time management. Osteopathic prescriptive relaxation and energy exercise techniques are part of each program to enhance emotional as well as physical healing. Physicians and certified practitioners work collaboratively as partners with patients throughout the treatment process.

Consideration of the whole individual is taken into as part of the diagnostic process – including all aspects of lifestyle.
Traditional, conventional and alternative methods are integrated as and implemented to fully support the body and mind’s natural healing response.
Preventative healthcare is key – as such the least invasive approaches to health and wellness are always our first choice and used whenever possible.
Our integrative approach to medicine, health, well being and nutrition embraces both conventional medicine and alternative therapies.
Our integrative practice reflects an awareness and comprehensive understanding of the latest scientific, contemplative and experiential research.
Our physicians and certified practitioners provide individualized consultations and care for basic concerns as well as complex and/or chronic medical conditions such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, insomnia, stress and eating disorders, and heart disease. Tools are implemented for setting and achieving personal, academic and professional goals that improve one’s overall health, self-confidence and self-esteem.

A new patient consultation can last up to two hours. Follow-up and return visits are scheduled as needed.

One consultation can improve the emotional and physical health and wellbeing of every member of your family. Schedule a private consultation with Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners today.

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