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House calls that can change a child’s negative behavior

Word of mouth is spreading:

“If you are desperate to achieve individual and family health and balance and you are ready to stop the fighting, power struggling, and suffering in your home — it’s time to call Karin.”

If you are reading this, I want you to know that you are not alone.  Parents all over the world would likely agree – parenting is a big, important and challenging job.  If you have children, you know all too well that you have a 24/7 job with a lot of overtime.  Sleep deprivation, power struggles and constant arguing with your children can leave everyone feeling as if  their life has become unmanageable.  If your children have taken control of your emotions, you might benefit from a strategic house call with Karin Yapalater, an expert parenting coach and board certified family health counselor.

If you are repeating the same destructive cycle day in and day out with your children, it’s likely that you have been swept up into the spin of a powerful and relentless hurricane.  Finding the calm, amid all that chaos requires a subtle and yet transformational shift in thinking.

Shifting from co-dependence—mutually harmful behavior—to a model of interdependence—a family that works together towards a common, greater good.

First,  take a deep breath. Notice and observe what’s going on.  Any truly successful business is one that has a thoughtful leader at its helm.  A leader that knows the tremendous benefit of reaching out for help when it’s needed.  If you are feeling desperate to create an environment of peace and harmony in your home, one conversation with Karin can change your life.

As a parent you are a leader and a teacher.  The way in which you communicate, teaches your children how to relate to you, them selves and the world.  It can be challenging to remain calm while also being assertive.  A child’s confidence derives from a sense that their voice, opinion and point of view matters.  Learning the art of self awareness  – even when you are at total odds with yourself – and others – can immediately empower you to change the negative dynamic of any challenging situation.

Identifying your own strong feelings and your own needs can help you to gain clarity.  Strengthening your connection to your self strengthens your connection to your child.

Are you ready to stop the fighting, power struggling, and suffering in your home?

Schedule a consultation in the privacy of your own home with Expert Parenting Coach and Board Certified Family Health Counselor Karin Yapalater (private in-house calls, office sessions, phone and skype sessions available).

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