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Have you lost control and yelled at your child recently?

Have you lost control and yelled at your child recently?

Is your child having daily melt-downs and tantrums? Are you worrying that you are too lenient? Too strict?

Have things spiraled so far out of control that your home feels more like a war zone than your family’s safe haven?

Have you stopped enjoying the company of one of your children or a spouse?

Whatever the scenario, most of us will lose our temper and play the blame or shame game at some point – and then feel guilty or angry as a result. This vicious cycle can be destructive – and damaging to a family’s health and well-being.

What if you Could Break That Destructive Cycle?

Feeling as if you have failed as a parent can leave you feeling powerless. What if instead of feeling “trapped” you could make a shift?

What Would Your Taking Responsibility for Your own Feelings and Needs Look Like?

Often, we want to change the way others feel, and attempt to “fix” people by assuming we know what it is they really need. Becoming aware of your own feelings and needs is actually the first step.

When you Point one Finger at the Other – the Other Four are Pointing Back at you.

Press Pause.

Taking a fearless self-inventory means taking the blame and shame out of the equation.

If your children are testing your limits, chances are it’s time to set new limits! If you would like to learn easy, effective strategies that can help you too defuse power struggles you have come to the right place.

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