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Hasten slowly

Um dia de cada vez…

Language is a kind of music. Foreign, melodic, metered with mystery and flowing with rhythm.

Words are a phenomenon. The meaning of words, from the simple to complex, conjures layers upon layers of images, questions, thoughts, ideas.

The phrase above, a common one in English, is translated here into Portuguese.

One day at a time.

What is it about this expression that is so comforting?


It’s a neat trick to close your eyes and hover over your life. Looking down, as if from the window of an airplane and seeing the big picture can help us to see the smaller details.

How observant can you become today? This moment?

How soft can you allow your mouth to be today? How kind can you shape the words?

How very aware can you become of the placement of your shoulders, the furrow of your brow, the knot in your throat? Each breath you inhale and exhale provides a solitary moment to reflect, recharge and contemplate.

What’s the hurry?

Hasten slowly, a master teacher once instructed. One day, one moment at a time.

Want to speed up, slowly?

Check in and let me know how you are doing today. Ask a question.

Got a problem that’s challenging to solve? I’m slowing down, quickly, and here to help.


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