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Get out of Pain Pass…Free!

Ever notice that the voice inside your head has a mind of its own?

One moment it’s raving on optimistically, cheering you on, and the next it has taken on the persona of the Boogeyman, filling you full of fears and self -doubt?

When we get stuck in the middle of our own monkey mind discourse, the opposing forces of yes and no are at work. Desire, a dirty word in some circles, can be a source of motivation or a source of pain. Point one finger at the desire and guess whom the other four are pointing at? The originator of the wanting! If we are motivated by our desire, we put our car in drive. If paralyzed by the desire, we can stall out.

You can, in any given moment, interrupt the constant flow ofy our thoughts. You have the power to calm the turbulence in order to gain clarity. How? Self awareness, self inquiry, self-responsibility. Choose to challenge a thought, any thought. See what happens with one thought. Think it, and then choose to think it differently.

Initially, this may take effort. This is the practice of self-awareness. By experiencing, first-hand, and then understanding how you work, you can begin to diagnose the cause of your own pain.

If we act out and numb our pain without understanding the cause, the pain may temporarily subside — only to chronically resurface again and again. The same remedies to ease the pain will always ultimately lose their power. Without taking inventory, and electing to shift gears, life may start to feel overwhelming or unmanageable.

When, with practice, we can experience the power of setting intention for ourselves, we are getting to the core of what causes our suffering. The effect? We begin to see what’s working and what is not working. The we can discriminately decide what needs to change.

This is challenging work. The kind of work we may need some help initiating at the start. Ask for help if you’re ready to free yourself from the pain of repetitive, negative thinking. In trusted, good company, mindfully watch the river of your thought flow.

Awareness is always the first step. Stay tuned for step two…

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