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Feelings are not facts

Jealousy, anger, insecurity, fear… we have all experienced these emotions. Sometimes we believe and identify with negative feelings and begin to believe we really are these things – Jealous, Angry, Insecure, Fearful – when in reality, these are just feelings that are constantly changing. Feelings are not facts.

Emotional awareness – an awareness of how we feel, not who we are, can help us to realize that who we are has little to do with how we feel. Underneath all those feelings your true nature resides. Lifting the veils of ignorance that can debilitate us is a process of discovery. Each layer brings us closer to the truth. With support, you can get your bearings and begin moving towards self realization – a realization of your true self, the one that feels all these feelings – and emerge from the darkness into the light, from feelings of despair to feelings of joy. There really are no good or bad emotions once we get to their origin.

Once we no longer identify with emotions and simply feel our feelings and learn to utilize these intuitive impulses to learn more about ourselves, life becomes an amazing journey of self investigation. We can begin to discover the relationship between cause and effect and take steps towards actually affecting positive change.

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