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Feeling the holiday blues?

Feeling the holiday blues?

Tis the season to be… still for just a few moments a day.  Stop. Close those eyes. Still that body. Ease that busy mind. Breathe. Deeply, fully, completely… breathe.  Repeat often.

Pausing to reflect on the year past can inform you, and help you to clarify a course of action for the days ahead.  Balancing emotional, physical and spiritual well-being means taking inventory: what’s working, what’s no longer serving you?

I invite you to stop spinning your wheel of life, with its many spokes, just for a moment.  Notice and observe what needs, and is calling out for, your attention.  Emotional awareness?  Family harmony?  Physical strength, and health?  Financial security?  Professional motivation?  Spiritual grounding?

Each individual area of our lives is deserving and worthy.  You might be surprised just how much clarity you can gain by taking stock of your life with the help of a professional counselor.  If you are interested in making 2015 a year in which each moment of your life is in balance, and you want to feel vibrant and fulfilled, consider making an appointment for a consultation that will help you to lift the heavy rocks, unravel the knots, fix the flats, and put fresh air in all of your sails.

Are you feeling the holiday blues?  You may not even be aware that you are!  Deficiencies and imbalances tend to occur before any symptoms ever show up. Early signs of vitamin or mineral deficiencies may include unusual fatigue, brittle hair or loss of hair, skin rashes or sores that don’t heal, cracks at the corners of the mouth, and a pale tongue. An integrative health examination may help alert you to nutritional as well as emotional deficiencies.

Contact our office today and start the New Year with a positive approach to living a more balanced, abundant, and satisfying relationship—with your self—and others.

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