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Coping with Family Conflict

Communication can easily break down in times of conflict especially with those we care about the most. Misunderstandings can easily occur that can cause each member of a family to become defensive or reactive. In times of conflict people can become confused between what will help and what will hurt. Family members can easily misunderstand one another or jump to the wrong conclusion. Attempts to resolve conflicts from a place of fear or expectation can quickly create further discord, detachment and disconnect. Negative emotions can be challenging to manage for all, especially for children and young adults. Ongoing conflict is part of life however if this conflict becomes too stressful it can damage the best of relationships. When it is difficult to manage emotions people can become intentionally hurtful, aggressive or even violent. Acknowledging how the other feels and then calmly stepping back to take stock before establishing a plan of action is key. Learning how to communicate in a positive way can reduce stress and conflict. One can only truly really help when intention arises from self-awareness, empathy and compassion. Actions that arise from fear, hate or revolt, will only generate more destruction. Ultimately, we can each only change ourselves. In so doing, we can create the conditions necessary for the other to positively transform as well.

In times of conflict, establishing balance and equanimity and creating the space for family communication and connection – isn’t always easy. Different views and beliefs can explosively collide. Peaceful resolution requires reciprocal respect. Our office specializes in helping families work through difficult issues of conflict. If you feel you or your family would benefit from professional advice, please contact us for consultation.

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