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Equine Therapy & Animal Assisted Learning & Healing in the Hamptons

“Simply nothing like the extraordinary educational, life changing work Karin and Dr. Greg Yapalater are doing with horses & families out there. Our family has benefited on so many levels – and our children’s behavior has been transformed for the better. Truly remarkable!”

The Green School @ The Sagaponack Farm is excited to offer Karin Yapalater’s unique and proprietary SOCS™/PTA© Equine and Animal Assisted Learning programs for the third year!
SOCZ, the beloved namesake of The Yapalaters SOCS™ School of Contemplative Studies, is one of countless quarter horses trained by The Yapalaters.  SOCZ along with other animals on serene eco farms work with Karin to help children, families, young adults, and adults overcome stress, fears, and obstacles in a safe, and non -judgmental environment.
Private sessions, workshops, and group clinics available.  Email:
Who Karin & Dr. Greg Yapalater Help:
Families and Adults:

  • Family relationship dynamics: end power struggles!
  • Life & Problem solving skills
  • Self-understanding & Emotional/self regulation
  • Self esteem & self confidence
  • Stress management
  • Effective communication: verbal and non-verbal
  • Mindfulness: how to identify & express feelings & needs
  • Kinship with all life: lessons in the nature of horses & farm animals that can be related to their own lives
  • How to improve relationships at home and work
  • Nutrition, self-care & self-responsibility​​

  • ​Sensory, emotional, social and cognitive challenges
  • Family relationship dynamics: end power struggles!
  • Life & Problem solving skills
  • Self-understanding & Emotional/self regulation
  • Self esteem & self confidence
  • Effective communication: verbal and non-verbal

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SOCS/PTA© is a mobile school that utilizes the Yapalater’s conscious based PTA© curriculum and travels wherever it is needed. Individuals work closely with Dr. Greg and/or Karin Yapalater, Founders of SOCS™ THE SCHOOL OF CONTEMPLATIVE STUDIES.  The cause of emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances are explored, and immediate tools and strategies are provided that get each and every member of the family feeling balanced and at their best.

Specially designed non riding activities allow participants to deepen awareness of personal issues, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit their ability to reach their true potential. The Yapalaters along with carefully selected horses and farm animals teach participants how to make powerful choices based on awareness instead of harmful or habitual patterns.

Your healing & learning journey:

Dr. Greg & Karin Yapalater work with you to create emotional, physical and spiritual healing.
The farms and schools where The Yapalaters offer and build their proprietary SOCS/PTA© Equine and Animal coaching and whispering programs are a kind of a sanctuary with beautiful surroundings that contribute deeply to the experience.

Highly acclaimed contemplative holistic and conscious based health counseling and coaching programs, incorporating horses and animals, developed by Pediatrician Dr. Greg Yapalater and Board Certified Integrative Health Counselor Karin Yapalater.

The SOCS™ PTA© and Equine & Animal Learning & Coaching program provides children and adults of all ages and backgrounds with a safe, non-judgmental space for self-discovery and recovery through kinship and respect for all living things. SOCS™ utilizes the Present Tense Awareness (PTA©) curriculum, an acclaimed contemplative health counseling method developed and by pediatrician Dr. Greg and Karin Yapalater.

Our Mission:  To provide the highest level of conscious based education and healthcare that teaches social-emotional Intelligence, kinship with all life, and holistic health and wellness strategies and life skills that support conscious, healthy living, learning, and  problem-solving at home, school, and work.

Karin Yapalater is an acclaimed Board Certified Integrative Family Health Counselor and expert in the field of Equine & Animal Assisted Coaching & Learning. She is the Founder of the School of Contemplative Studies (SOCS™) “the school that travels within,” an educational organization that brings conscious-based health and wellness programs to schools, businesses, and families right in the comfort of their own schools, workplaces, and homes. She is a leading health practitioner whose contemplative programs help all living things authentically lead conscious, healthy, well-balanced, and confident lives.

Dr. Greg Yapalater has over 25 years of experience healing and supporting children and families all over the world. Dr. Greg as his patients fondly call him is an expert in the field of child and horse whispering.  Dr. Greg supports and is affiliated with leading hospitals, schools and health related organizations.

All SOCS™ and PTA© programs utilize the SOCS™ Present Tense Awareness (PTA©) curriculum, a highly acclaimed conscious-based health and wellness curriculum specifically created with educators, students and parents (ESP*) in mind.


“I have worked with children for over 20 yrs and I have never seen anything like it. The children communicated and shared their feelings, worked together and put their friend before themselves within the first hour.” — Mari Linnman, Founder, The Green School

“We immediately felt safe with Karin and all the animals amid the beauty and tranquility of The Green School.  Karin is an extraordinary problem solver.  In three sessions she showed us how to put an end to power struggles.”  The Julson Family

“Karin is a cross between Dr. Oz, Tony Robbins and Super Nanny!”   The Lawson family

“Karin is an incredible lifeline. Kiss your blues, your medicine and junk food good-bye! Best investment in family well-being, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being!”  The Betler Family

“Karin has the superpowers of a horse and human whisperer.  She has been working her magic under the radar for years. A real lifesaver.”Maryanne B.

If home, work or school feel more like a battlefield than a safe haven contact us today.


  • Life transitions
  • Divorce
  • Substance Abuse 
  • Family Crisis Intervention
  • Parenting Concerns
  • Improve Family Connection and Conscious Communication
  • Challenges with horse & rider relationships 

SOCS™ /PTA© Natural Horsemanship & EAL provide a safe, non-judgmental space for self-discovery in which children experience and learn about themselves through the art of kinship, unity and respect for horses. PTA\EAL teaches children and adults how to do this with humans, too.

Every member of the family will benefit! 

SOCS™/PTA© Heals and Teaches the whole family. NO RIDING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY. In fact, those who feel apprehensive about horses or other animals are among those who can most benefit as a way of overcoming obstacles and fears!

For more information and to schedule a session contact:


© SOCS™ PTA©. Karin & Greg Yapalater. All rights reserved.

All SOCS™ and PTA© related programs including SOCS™ and PTA©, Equine Coaching & Equine/Animal Assisted Learning (EAL & AAL) are solely owned and created in entirety by leading health practitioners Dr. Greg Yapalater, a renowned Pediatrician, and Karin Yapalater, a Board Certified Integrative Health Counselor, with over 25 years of experience supporting the physical and emotional health and well–being of a wide range of families, and adults and children around the world.

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