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Equine Assisted Learning & Coaching

Humans and animals share a powerful bond that provides a source of comfort, healing and learning. Board Certified Integrative Family Health Counselor Karin Yapalater and renowned Pediatrician Dr. Greg Yapalater are Master Horse and Child Whisperers and experts in the field of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Animal-Assisted Family Therapy (AAT). EAL and AAT offer children and adults tremendous success for improving relationships and treating cognitive, social, emotional, and sensory related issues.

The Green School at Sagaponack Farm is excited to offer Karin Yapalater’s unique and proprietary program to help children, families, young adults, and adults overcome stress, fears, and obstacles in a safe, and non -judgmental environment. Private sessions, workshops, and group clinics are available.

“Simply nothing like the extraordinary educational, life–changing work Karin and Dr. Greg Yapalater are doing with horses & families out there. Our family has benefitted on so many levels — and our children’s behavior has been transformed for the better. Truly remarkable!” — Chugerman family

“The farm is a kind of sanctuary. Welcomed by a donkey and the cutest sheep it was instant magic and I felt safe. I came with so many questions about what I want my life to be. Karin and the horses gave me the clarity – and the answers – I was needing.” — Kathleen

“Working with Karin and the horses, I learned what was keeping me stuck in my life and in my relationships.  More effective than traditional talk therapy!” — Stacey​

Learn & Improve:

  • Family relationship dynamics (end power struggles!)
  • Life and problem-solving skills
  • Self-understanding and emotional/self-regulation
  • Self esteem and self confidence
  • Effective communication (verbal and non-verbal)

​“A horse can help anyone suffering from PTSD find peace. It can teach a power–hungry Wall Street executive how to relax. It can nudge a middle-aged woman who curls up each night with a TV and a few forgotten dreams into opening her heart and finding love again.” — Wyatt Webb, Miraval AZ

“Karin’s equine clinics are an incredible way for couples, families, and friends to spend quality time together while learning about and connecting authentically to themselves and one another.” — Markus

Follow these links to read more about Karin Yapalater:

“After college I felt lost…and Karin and the horses managed, in one quick session, to highlight some very deep issues I hadn’t even realized I had buried. It was a magical a–ha moment that immediately helped me in my life in a very positive way.” — Isabelle


Horse Whispering Clinic for Kids:

We bring out your child’s highest potential by teaching problem-solving, life skills and natural ways of creating kinship with self, others, horses, and farm animals. All animals are chosen for their gentle personalities & temperaments. Your child’s safety and well-being are our top priority. No prior equine experience required.

Children will learn:

  • Fundamental natural horsemanship skills and safety
  • Self- awareness, communication & stress management
  • Conscious Communication: verbal and non verbal
  • Nutrition, self-care & self-responsibility
  • Mindfulness: how to identify & express feelings & needs
  • Kinship with all life: lessons in the nature of horses & farm animals that can be related to their own lives
  • How to improve relationships at home, camp and school

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Private sessions for children, young adults, and adults are also available.

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Karin is proud to be implementing her program in collaboration with the stables at The Green School at Sagaponack Farm in Bridgehampton.

Karin Yapalater MFA, CHHC, AADP
Board Certified Individual & Family Health & Nutrition Counselor
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All material copyright ©2008 Karin Yapalater. All rights reserved.