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Equine Assisted Learning & Coaching

email: | Call: 212-737-1818 | Text: 917-353-8854
SOCZ, the beloved namesake of The Yapalaters School of Contemplative Studies™ , is one of countless horses trained by The Yapalaters.  SOCZ (aka Socrates/SOCS) along with other animals on eco farms in the Hamptons work with Karin to help children, families, young adults, and adults overcome stress, fears, and obstacles in a safe, and non-judgmental environment.
Private sessions, workshops, and group clinics available. 


Equine & Animal Assisted Learning

Holistic Individual & Family Counseling

Natural Horsemanship & Horse Whispering Clinics

with Board Certified Integrative Health Counselor Karin Yapalater, CHC, AADP

Children | Teens | Adults

OUR MISSION:  We provide the highest quality conscious based educational, health and horse/animal-based counseling and coaching for children, adults, families and couples to facilitate growth, learning and healing to people of all ages and abilities. At our core is a unique family-centric approach that strongly recognizes that one’s challenge can equally impact every member of their family and the community at-large.

Humans and animals share a powerful bond that provides a source of comfort, healing and learning. Board Certified Integrative Family Health Counselor Karin Yapalater and renowned Pediatrician Dr. Greg Yapalater are Master Horse and Child Whisperers and experts in the field of Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) and Animal-Assisted Family Therapy (AAT). EAL and AAT offer children and adults tremendous success for improving relationships and treating cognitive, social, emotional, and sensory related issues.

We bring out your highest potential by teaching problem-solving, life skills and natural ways of creating kinship with self, others, horses, and farm animals. All animals are chosen for their gentle personalities & temperaments. Your child’s safety and well-being are our top priority. No prior equine experience required. In fact, if you or your child have any apprehension around horses or animals our programs can actually help you overcome fears and obstacles.

“I have worked with children for over 20 yrs and I have never seen anything like it. The children communicated and shared their feelings, worked together and put their friend before themselves within the first hour.” — Mari Linnman The Green School

”Simply nothing like the extraordinary educational, life changing work Karin and Dr. Greg Yapalater are doing with horses & families out there. Our family has benefited on so many levels – and our children’s behavior has been transformed for the better. Truly remarkable!”  –  The Chugerman Family


Who Karin Yapalater & Dr. Greg Yapalater help:

Families and Adults:

  • Integrative Family healthcare
  • Relationship dynamics: end power struggles!
  • Life & Problem solving skills
  • Self-understanding & Emotional/self regulation
  • Self esteem & self confidence
  • Stress management
  • Effective communication: verbal and non-verbal
  • Mindfulness: how to identify & express feelings & needs
  • Kinship with all life: lessons in the nature of horses & farm animals that can be related to their own lives
  • How to improve relationships at home and work
  • Nutrition, self-care & self-responsibility​​

  • ​Sensory, emotional, social and cognitive challenges
  • Family relationship dynamics: end power struggles!
  • Life & Problem solving skills
  • Self-understanding & Emotional/self regulation
  • Self esteem & self confidence
  • Effective communication: verbal and non-verbal

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SOCS is a mobile conscious-based school that travels wherever it is needed. Individuals work closely with Dr. Greg and/or Karin Yapalater, Founders of SOCS™ THE SCHOOL OF CONTEMPLATIVE STUDIES.  The cause of emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances are explored, and immediate tools and strategies are provided that help individuals and each and every member of a family or group feeling balanced and at their best.
SOCSutilises The Present Tense Awareness PTA© Curriculum developed by a renowned Pediatrician and Board Certified Health Counselor with over 30 years of experience supporting the physical and emotional health of a wide range of families as well as adults and children around the world.
Specially designed activities – with and/or without horses and animals – allow participants to deepen awareness of personal issues, core feelings and areas of bodily tension that inhibit their ability to reach their true potential. The Yapalaters along with carefully selected horses and farm animals teach participants how to make powerful choices based on awareness instead of harmful or habitual patterns.
SOCS redefines the word ‘school.’ Expert conscious based, holistic educational, medical and health counseling that provides a new and improved blueprint for raising and educating more conscious, kinder, responsible, and resilient children—and people!  SOCS life-changing programs transform schools, families, and the workplace —from chaos to clarity! Much needed NOW during these challenging times.

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Karin is proud to be implementing her program in collaboration with the stables at The Green School at Sagaponack Farm in Bridgehampton.

Karin Yapalater MFA, CHHC, AADP
Board Certified Individual & Family Health & Nutrition Counselor
Park Avenue Family Wellness • Hamptons Family Wellness
715 Park Avenue • New York, NY 10021
Phone: 212-737-1818
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