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Emotions are useful messengers

Is it hard to make arrangements with yourself? Dancing as fast as you can? Juggling home, work, school and the little details of every day can wipe you out if your first aid kit doesn’t include effective stress and time management tools. Simple band-aids won’t always do the trick. Managing stress and time just isn’t good enough. Like putting a finger in the hole of a dam. You’ve got a lot to do … and too little time. Stress and time have to be approached and experienced in a whole new way.

Learning how to see things objectively, and to view reality with clarity and non judgment takes learned practice. Emotional awareness helps us to better understand the affect day to day triggers have on our nervous system. Emotions are useful messengers that impact our defense mechanisms, protect us from pain, and often detach us from our true purpose. As long as you judge and criticize others, it won’t be possible to love your self with your own imperfections. Cultivating personal generosity and patience helps us to developing humility. When we can accept our own imperfections, without trying to perfect them, and understanding that these defense mechanisms are part of human nature, we can relax long enough to get some amazing things done.

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