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Dr. Greg Yapalater on Kelly Live! Surviving Summer Tips

It’s the time of the season, when sun=fun, and travel=adventure.  Keep your self and your family safe this Summer with Dr. Greg’s Surviving Summer Health Tips:

-Zika carrying mosquitos are in the US, and Zika is very dangerous to unborn children.  It’s imperative to take precautions at home and abroad.  Use insect repellents, wear long sleeves and pants, and stay indoors or in screened in areas during peak mosquito times.

Ticks enjoy Summer, too and can be more abundant at this time of year.  Not all ticks carry Lyme disease however if you are in wooded or grassy areas: Do tick checks each night.  If you find a tick embedded in your\your child’s skin, remove carefully with tweezers and keep the tick in a ziplock bag for testing by a medical provider.  It takes 36 hours for a tick to spread lyme to its host
To avoid\limit tick contact, wear long pants tucked into socks.

Sun, in moderation, is a great source of vitamin D and can uplift mood.  It’s okay to be out in direct sun for up to 20 minutes but best to protected.  Wear hats and sun glasses and long sleeves and pants or sunscreen.  Non chemical sun blocks protect as well as chemical sunscreens.  Sunscreens with an SPF of 35 are sufficient.

Leaves of 3, let it be!  Poison Ivy plants have 3 leaves.  If you touch the plants, immediately wash with soap and water.  The rash is not contagious to others.

Do your best to eat healthy, local, farm fresh food in Summer.  Stay well hydrated.  Walk, run, bike to your nearest park or beach.  Relax, rest, recharge. Enjoy!

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