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Conscious Social Emotional Learning: Healing & Teaching the Whole Family

 Are you an Educator, Parent, or Community Leader interested in conscious-based education, mindfulness, health, and wellness?

  • Seeking strategic, immediate solutions to the challenges adults and children and their families face everyday?
  • Need a conscious-based curriculum that teaches effective social-emotional learning skills for use at home, school or the workplace?
  • Are you, or those around you, feeling stressed, anxious, explosive, stuck?
  • Want to strengthen perceptual and sensory integration, focus, attention?

SOCS is a mobile school that travels wherever it is needed.  Expert conscious based educational and holistic health and educational counseling that provides a new and improved blueprint for raising and educating more conscious, kinder, responsible, and resilient children—and people!  SOCS life-changing programs transform schools, families, and the workplace.

At our core is a unique family-centric approach that strongly recognizes that one’s challenge can equally impact every member of their family and the community at-large.

”Simply nothing like the extraordinary educational, life changing work Karin Yapalater and Dr. Greg Yapalater are doing with families out there. Our family has benefited on so many levels – and our children’s behavior has been transformed for the better. Truly remarkable! Much needed now during these challenging times!”  –  The Chugerman Family
“I have worked with children for over 20 yrs and I have never seen anything like it. The children communicated and shared their feelings, worked together and put their friend before themselves within the first hour.” — Mari Linnman The Green School
SOCS™ PTA©  programs provide children and adults of all ages and backgrounds with a safe, non-judgmental space for self-discovery and recovery.  SOCS™ utilizes the Present Tense Awareness (PTA©) curriculum, an acclaimed conscious based teaching method developed by leading health practitioners Dr. Greg & Karin Yapalater.

PTA can be applied to any and all fields of study and exploration.  PTA is a comprehensive and extensive learning system that takes people of all ages through step-by-step skills and concepts that are required in order to become more balanced, responsible, empathetic and conscious human citizens.  PTA acknowledges and is humbled by the ordinary and extraordinary within nature that best illustrates the basic needs of all living things – and realizes and celebrates the complex and varied nature of bio-individuality.  PTA seeks to awaken a higher level of sensitivity to the universal strengths as well as weaknesses that connect all living things – verbal and non-verbal – to create a deeper sense of unity and interdependence within the small intimate family and beyond to the global community.

If home, work or school feels more like a battlefield than a safe haven, we provide immediate help to improve the health and wellbeing at home, school and the workplace. 

We Help Each and Every Member of the Whole Family:  

  • Conscious based health counseling & academic consulting
  • Life transitions
  • Family Crisis Intervention
  • Conscious Parenting 
  • Transformative Career Counseling
  • Family Connection and Conscious Communication


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