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Hasten slowly

Um dia de cada vez… Language is a kind of music. Foreign, melodic, metered with mystery and flowing with rhythm. Words are a phenomenon. The meaning of words, from the simple to complex, conjures layers upon layers of images, questions, thoughts, ideas. The phrase above, a common one in English, is translated here into Portuguese. One day at a time….read more →

The view changes and yet stays the same

I have been doing yoga for 30 years. And I have only learned one thing: I’m just a beginner. Back in June I began thinking it would be interesting to see what might happen if I challenged myself to take one yoga class a day. I wanted to do this for a few reasons. Establish a routine. Be a part…read more →

Communicating with Integrity requires Objective Thinking

Ever see a parent in a store admonish their child for not doing what they were told? “STOP IT!” are the words most commonly called out. Stop what? Is what most children think. And then most often they do the opposite in response. Then, perhaps the parent’s words get harsher, or the stance more threatening. “Why can’t you just… behave?”…read more →

Co-dependency: Breaking the destructive cycle—at home, work or school

What destructive game would you like to abandon? We all want to feel appreciated, and we want to feel that our lives have meaning and purpose. Often we seek this appreciation, approval, and meaning outside of ourselves. Insecurities and fears are often the cause of this need for external sources of approval, acceptance and most potently, love. Fear of judgment…read more →

A guarantee of clarity, self worth, security…pretty useful stuff.

Follow the signs along the way. If they have led you here, take note. You are receiving nothing less than an invitation to experience clarity, self-worth, security. Oh really… What’s going on?! Recently a client I’ve been working with for a short time asked me why she was suddenly feeling so good. “What’s going on?!” she wanted to know. ”I…read more →

What to do when family health crisis strikes

Be prepared so goes the motto. But how to prepare for the unexpected when a family member is hurt or becomes seriously ill? A crisis of any kind generally occurs suddenly and unexpectedly. How we respond and communicate in moments of stress can make all the difference to our own well being as well as to the well being of a…read more →