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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Equine Coaching & Animal Assisted Healing & Teaching

Are you an Educator, Parent, or Community Leader interested in mindfulness, health, and wellness? Seeking strategic, immediate solutions to difficult problems adults and children face everyday? Need a conscious-based curriculum that teaches effective social-emotional learning skills? Feeling stressed, anxious, explosive, stuck? If home, work or school feels more like a battlefield than a safe haven, we provide immediate help to improve the health and wellbeing of your…read more →

Private & Strictly Confidential Recovery Support Services for High Profile Individuals and their families NYC

Are you or someone you know or love a High Profile Individual who is suffering from Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, OCD or an Eating Disorder and unable to take time off from work or school to attend out patient or Residential Treatment for Support with Recovery? Do you want the best Private, Confidential, and Individualized Recovery Support team available in NYC?…read more →

Coping with Family Conflict

Communication can easily break down in times of conflict especially with those we care about the most. Misunderstandings can easily occur that can cause each member of a family to become defensive or reactive. In times of conflict people can become confused between what will help and what will hurt. Family members can easily misunderstand one another or jump to…read more →

A guarantee of clarity, self worth, security…pretty useful stuff.

Follow the signs along the way. If they have led you here, take note. You are receiving nothing less than an invitation to experience clarity, self-worth, security. Oh really… What’s going on?! Recently a client I’ve been working with for a short time asked me why she was suddenly feeling so good. “What’s going on?!” she wanted to know. ”I…read more →