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Animal Assisted Therapy

SOCS® Equine and Animal Assisted Learning & Therapy

Where other wellness and educational programs and treatments leave off or fail SOCS® Equine and Animal Assisted Learning & Therapy succeeds.  We help children and adults become self aware, and emotionally, physically and spiritually conscious, while developing the life and problem solving skills needed to live an authentic, healthy and balanced life. Working in nature, alongside horses and other farm animals, we…read more →

House & Horse Calls in The Hamptons & Manhattan

Are you, or those close to you suffering with anxiety, impulsivity, or an attention deficit disorder? Have you been told that you or your child need to go on medication in order to focus and behave appropriately at home, school or work? Has your child’s school recommended that your child have a variety of evaluations such as speech, occupational, or psycho-educational? Do you…read more →

Transforming Human Relationships With The Help Of Horses

We all encounter challenging situations from time to time.  What’s the most effective way to cope with stress – at home, school or work?  Dr. Greg and Karin Yapalater, leading health practitioners and natural horseman with over 25 years of combined experience medically advising and holistically health coaching humans and horses from all over the world, have discovered that there…read more →

Equine Therapy & Animal Assisted Learning & Healing in the Hamptons

“Simply nothing like the extraordinary educational, life changing work Karin and Dr. Greg Yapalater are doing with horses & families out there. Our family has benefited on so many levels – and our children’s behavior has been transformed for the better. Truly remarkable!” The Green School @ The Sagaponack Farm is excited to offer Karin Yapalater’s unique and proprietary SOCS™/PTA© Equine and Animal…read more →

Integrative Medicine & Health Counseling for the Whole Family

Would you prefer to take a non-medicating approach to handling your own and\or your child’s health & wellbeing? Are you or your child struggling with the negative challenges of stress or anxiety? PAIH provides individual and family healthcare and counseling based upon the highest of human values. We strive to empower adults and children to advocate for them selves so…read more →

Present Tense Awareness © Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) FAQ’s:

Present Tense Awareness © Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)  FAQ’s: “What is PTA\ EAL & Horse Whispering?”  PTA© Natural Horsemanship & EAL was developed by a renowned pediatrician, and a Board Certified Family Health Counselor & Equine Specialist, with over 30 years of experience working with horses and children.  The PTA© horse whispering program provides children and adults with a safe, non-judgmental…read more →

Parenting coach makes house calls in NYC & Hamptons

Child and Horse Whisperer, Karin Yapalater is a much sought after Board Certified Health Counselor and Parenting Coach who serves many Hamptons and Manhattan families.  Over a decade ago, she began making house calls year round, in addition to her private office, school and farm based sessions, to uniquely and effectively help families continue the good work of teaching life…read more →