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Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners

We solve problems for the whole family

“Like no other healthcare office in New York”

715 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10021

Health & Nutrition Counseling
Individual & Family Counseling
Business & Career Counseling
Educational Consulting – High School & College Organization & Preparation

Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners – a holistic approach to health                                   that balances body, mind, and spirit. 

Our Principles

We are dedicated to cultivating a collaborative relationship with you and your family, one that works to improve and sustain the optimal emotional as well as physical well being of every individual family member and the family as a whole.

Initial consultations can be held in person, or via phone or SKYPE, to address your individual and\or family’s emotional and physical concerns. Integrating the theoretical frameworks of modern and natural science each session focuses on who each individual is inside and out.
A comprehensive medical health history is completed and evaluated by a board certified medical physician and a certified health and nutrition counselor. Based upon a comprehensive assessment, a personalized integrative program is developed that balances the entire circle of one’s life.  This program includes medical evaluation and counseling for personal and professional experiential learning, healing and growth.  Individualized programs are aimed at increasing an individual’s self awareness, laying the groundwork for effective communication with self and others, reducing stress, teaching cognitive and behavioral coping strategies, improving nutrition, optimizing time and improving sleep. Osteopathic prescriptive relaxation and energy exercise techniques are an optional part of each program to enhance emotional as well as physical healing.  Board certified Medical Doctors and Certified health and nutrition practitioners work collaboratively as partners with patients throughout their healing and treatment process.

Preventative healthcare is key – the least invasive approaches to health and wellness are always our first choice and used whenever possible.

Individualized health and nutrition programs. These scientifically researched, results oriented programs enhance healing, improve self awareness, reduce stress, teach cognitive and behavioral coping strategies, increase self confidence and self esteem, disprove assumptive personal core belief systems, and encourage sustainable contemplative growth and learning. 

Complete nutritional programs are designed and can include juice cleanses and menu plans that are customized to take into account each individual’s specific allergies, contraindications and preference. Our integrative practice reflects an awareness and comprehensive understanding of the latest scientific, contemplative and experiential research.


Health & Well being for The Whole Family

Our physicians and certified practitioners provide individualized health and nutrition consultations for children as well as adults. Basic health concerns as well as complex and\or chronic medical conditions are addressed. Tools are also implemented for setting and achieving personal, academic and professional goals that improve one’s overall health, self-confidence and self-esteem.

We specialize in helping every member of the family gain total emotional, physical and spiritual well-being

    • integrative medicine
    • health & nutrition counseling
    • stress & time management
    • parenting
    • sleep concerns
    • addiction
    • alcoholism or substance abuse
    • chronic health concerns
    • academic, career and life counseling: set goals and surmount obstacles




Karin Yapalater
Park Avenue Integrative Health Practitioners
715 Park Avenue, New York, New York 10021



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